Reasons to go Fishing in the caribbean sea.

The Caribbea has rich and diverse marine life, and we can find different fish in the area. Some remain in the habitat all year round, while others migrate seasonally. The most popular species in the area are Mahi Mahi, saltfish and marlin. Sailfish migrate to Punta Cana in winter and stay in the place until July, so these months are excellent to plan your Punta Cana fishing tour.

Our staff can prepare your fish for you to enjoy at the beachfront restaurant, or if you are staying at an all-inclusive resort, the kitchen will prepare your fish according to your preferences. However, if you are one of the people who rent an apartment in an apartment or Airbnb, then your reward may be dinner that night.

If you decide to keep the fish, we can provide taxidermy services. This way, you can take home the specimen you caught and show it to family or friends.

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